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Jin-Mold Industrial Corp. was established in 2002 as a leading manufacturer for customized plastic injection mold. JM(Jin-Mold) is specialized in designing and manufacturing the mold for 3C products, home appliances, auto parts, and also owns rich experience of gas-assist injection tooling.

Outstanding quality, on time delivery, and excellent service are the keys how we gain the trust and confidence of customers worldwide. JM(Jin-Mold) is certificated with ISO 9001, and our teams have strict manner of the quality control through whole tooling progress to ensure the accuracy of each mold we made. We are committed to meet or even exceed the achievement of the customers’ expectation, and ensure the mold is trouble-free before the shipment.

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Mold Maker
Max Mold Weight 6 Tons
Max Part Size (L x W) 1200 x 800 mm
Max Mold Size (Each Half) 1600 x 1000 mm
Average Monthly Capacity 10 Sets
Average Monthly Output 7 Sets
Average Annual Output 80 Sets
Average Lead Time
(Non-harden steel)
Small (Less Than 600Kg) 3 Weeks; Medium (Less than 1500Kg) 4 Weeks; Large 5 Weeks
Average Lead Time
(Harden steel)
Small (Less Than 600Kg) 4 Weeks; Medium (Less Than 1500Kg) 5 Weeks; Large 6 Weeks
Average Lead Time
(Auto Parts)
Small (Less Than 600Kg) 3 Weeks; Medium (Less Than 1500Kg) 7 Weeks; Large 11 Weeks
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